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We are a new and ambitious team, which is based in the direction of gambling. All our employees are professional players in online casinos and online slots. We know all the subtleties of the gameplay and discover our secrets in our blog, where you can get acquainted with them. Also for our team, there is Jefry, he is a writer. In his experience a lot of reviews about casinos and gaming slots. You can familiarize yourself with it below. So, we hope you will enjoy with us and our advice will help you in the future.

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Jefry McKing

Jefry, 28 years old. He borns in Monreal, Canada. Jefry has a mathematics degree at McGill University. A second favorite hobby is statistics. Once he lost a huge sum of money in a casino and after that Jefry became more involved in gambling. Today, he is a professional in this field and has already written over 50 articles on gambling. From 2018 he becomes a famous writer of gambling.